30 Days of Blessings: Family


This morning will be our first full day of power since Monday. We weathered Hurricane Sandy well. Loss of power and the loss of several trees is nothing in light of the devastation further east of us.

Families have lost their homes. They have lost lives. As I ponder all this it makes me even more thankful for my family. They are safe. They were spared.

This crisis showed us just how blessed we are. Family reaching out to help one another. It wasn’t just our blood family but our church family, and our neighbors. Seeing our church family who had power reach out to those who didn’t, offering a warm bed, hot showers and more was such a blessing. Having our neighbor walk over to offer their stove if we needed to cook something was a blessing.

It’s called community. It’s called family. It is what we are called to do. It is a reminder to me that it shouldn’t take a crisis to see this kind of reaching out. It should be a way of life.

Dear Father thank you for watching over my sons and their families. Thank you for the blessings they give. Thank you for our church family and neighbors who willingly help one another. Father I pray that this would be a reminder to me that I should be a blessing to others. I need to freely offer of myself and the gifts you have given to help those you place in my path. Father help me to be more compassionate and selfless.

How will you bless someone today?

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