Are Your Walls in Ruin?


Sunday our Pastor began a series on the book of Nehemiah and I have been “chewing” on it ever since. Before I get to writing though I must confess that my first thought was “really Lord? Nehemiah…AGAIN?” I have been in this book probably more in the last 10 years than any other book! And just 2 years ago I studied it inductively! So what more is there to show me…

I do LOVE His Word…It is always new.  He always has a fresh word.

In the past as I’ve studied Nehemiah it’s been in the context of ministry and building up the “spiritual walls” of our communities of our churches and our cities.

But this time our Pastor, as he often does, took us to our hearts. He wanted us to evaluate our own spiritual walls. The walls of our heart. Not the walls we build because of hurt or to keep other’s out but the walls that are build on truth. The walls that surround our hearts in order to keep SIN out.

Are your walls firmly built on truth? Do you spend time with God daily in prayer?

Are there parts of your walls that are crumbling, or have grown weak from neglect?

As I sat there listening, especially in light of what had just happened on the way to church, I realized there are parts of my wall that needs some tending too.

What I have realized, and our pastor impressed upon us, is that we can not possibly build the walls around our communities until we have first allowed God to rebuild us. I don’t mean we have to be perfect and there can’t be any weaknesses at all, but we do need to be aware of the areas that are weak.

We need to be willing to allow God to continue exposing the cracks in our foundations and our walls and this allow Him to rebuild or re-enforce them.

I want to spend time this week really seeking God and asking Him to show me the areas of weakness. Those areas of my heart that are in danger of completely crumbling because they have been neglected.

How about you? Are you willing? Do you have parts of your wall that are crumbling? Lets us pray together for spiritual walls to build on the foundations of truth. The truth of God’s word.

Like a city that is broken into and without walls is a man who has no control over his spirit. Prov 25:28

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