An Amazing Story!

wp426bf564There have been many times through the years that I have determined to to read the Bible through. Each time I have failed. I have tried a variety of ways to make it to the end. But somewhere along the way I get behind. Then I get discouraged. And I quit. I really hate that I quit, but I often console myself by saying anytime you read the Bible is a good thing.

This year I began again. I haven’t quit, I am not discouraged. At least not yet. I have been farther than this into the year and quit.

I think I just may make it this year. Even though it’s still quite early, I am confident.

Why am I confident?

This time it’s different. I read differently. I am finding that since learning to study inductively I also read inductively. Meaning, I interact with what I am reading. I don’t just read words on a page in order to get through it. Or so that I can say “I did it!”

I read to understand. I read to know God. To know His story. His plan. I ask questions as I go. Questions like who, what, when, where, why and how. I must admit it’s often hard to not want to make lots of notes and dig deeper, but I remind myself that I am getting the “big picture” of HIS story. Later I can dig deeper.

I find it fascinating and and exciting as I watch God’s story come alive in front of me. It’s an amazing story. It is HIS story. It’s the story of redemption. It’s the story of a HOLY GOD.

I wish my words could adequately convey how wonderful it really is to see God’s very word open up before your eyes. And yes! Even the books of Numbers and Deuteronomy have been exciting!

Oh how I encourage to you read through the Bible to get an overall picture of our God! Start today! Read to KNOW GOD, not because you feel you have to or to check it off your to do list!


How sweet are Your words to my taste! Yes, sweeter than honey to my mouth! Ps 119:103

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