My Beloved First Born


Adam (first born) David (Beloved of God) was born December 18, 1982. I was only 20 years old, barely grown myself. I remember holding him and thinking “now what?”

His first couple of years were difficult. At 3 days old we found out he was born with a VSD– a hole in his heart and ASD- thickening of his heart valve. He slept most the time, and tired easily. We had to measure every ounce that he ate for fear that he wouldn’t eat enough. He was put on medication to slow down his heart rate.

At 6 weeks we rushed him to Winchester Memorial in Va, he was turning blue and finding it hard to breathe. We almost lost him. They sent him Children’s Hospital because he was in heart failure. He would spend 10 days in the hospital while they ran many tests. With more medication and adjusting medication we went back home.

Those first months were hard. A single mom trying to handle it alone. At least I felt alone. But God was always there, watching over my precious little boy. There would be more doctors, more medicines and more trips to Children’s Hospital. I didn’t always see it or understand, but God was always there working things out according to His purposes.

Adam 10 monthsGod would provide a husband and a father with that first year. God provided a man to be strong for me, that I could lean on and a father who would adore and love my son. Now his son.

At 2 1/2 Adam would have heart surgery to correct the VSD and ASD. From then on there would be no stopping this precious life! He was ALL boy and there was no slowing him down!

Today he will turn 29. It’s hard to believe that he is grown and now has a family of his own.

Wasn’t it just yesterday I held him in my arms praying over him? Wasn’t it just yesterday that I gave him over to God to watch and protect, to keep my little boy safe?

The last 29 years have taught me much. There have been moments of great joy and great pain. But through it all I have learned that God has a purpose for each of us and He can and does work out the “all things” in our lives according to our good.

Today the heart of my son is strong, and tender. Tender toward those he loves. Tender toward those in need and tender toward His God. He has a heart of gold, even though he often tries to cover it up with a “tough guy” attitude. Those who know him well knows that God has also done and is doing His own kind of “surgery” on his heart so that my son will have a the heart of God.

DSC_0042AIsn’t that what we want for our children? A heart that pursues God? I find that my prayers haven’t changed too much since his birth. I still pray that God will watch over him and protect him. I pray that he would continue to grow toward hid Father in heaven.

I am so proud of the young man he is and the man he is growing into. He is an amazing son, husband, father and friend.

I love you Adam David!! I thank God for you!!

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