Go Big or Go Home?

When my boys were younger I used to make Applesauce every fall. In fact we had friends that would come over and the fours of us would make enough applesauce for both families to last until the following fall. Or at least we hoped it would last that long!

We were so spoiled on homemade applesauce that we all refuse to eat store bought. It’s just not the same. Not even close.Apples 002

I’ve been hungry for homemade applesauce. So,Thursday I bought 2 pecks of apples planning to make applesauce on Saturday. It’s just two of us, I thought it would be plenty.

So I am up on Saturday cleaning the apples when my dear husband looks at me and says “no way is that enough! You know the boys are going to want some.” I commented that I didn’t really want to make a ton of it just a little. His reply? “Go big or go home!”

Apples 009Back to the orchard I went and purchased a bushel for a total of one and half bushels of apples. I pretty much cleaned them out of the apples I wanted. I was a little late in the season!

With the apples all washed I began to boil them, whole. Apples 001I like to use a variety of Apples. The two I most often use are Cortland and Golden Delicious. This year I also used some Red Delicious, Winesap and Jonagold apples. Bottom line is I never just stick to one type of apple for my sauce. With this combination I didn’t have to add any sugar. It had just the right taste of tartness and sweetness. Delicious.

There are several ways to cook your apples. Boil. Steam. Bake. I have used all three. In fact I usually use all three at the same time so that I can get them cooked quicker.

Apples 004When the apples look like this they are ready to be processed. One important note. Each batch you cook should have a variety of apples in the pan. Do not cook apples separated according to types. You want a good mix of all the apples in each batch.

I have a manual Food Mill that I like to use. It was passed down from my mother and I couldn’t find any like this on the internet. I did find a stainless steel one. But I really like mine better. You can also find a variety of food mills, even electric one.

Apples 005Apples 015

My husband always helps in the process as it can get tiring, but great exercise. Well for one arm anyway! :-)

Once you have all the apple pulp grind from the apples you are Apples 025left with the skin, seeds and stems. Because we live in the country we like to save this and take it out to the corner of our property and dump it for the deer that like to visit us.

Now the fun part! The Applesauce! Oh but first a couple of suggestions. I use the same water as it is already hot and doesn’t require heating up again. When you are finished with the water you will most likely see bits of apples. So that I do not waste any of the apple I pour the water through a fine strainer. Apples 024Once all the water is strained run this through your food mill.

You will then pour the applesauce into a large bowl. Allow to cool.

Once the applesauce is cooled down a bit you can taste it to see if it needs sugar.  If you can the right combo of apples you shouldn’t have to add any. But there have been years that I have had to add a little. I also add cinnamon to mine. Once you have it tasting the way you want it Apples 014then begin to put into bags to be frozen.

You can also CAN applesauce. I never learn or bothered to teach myself because I really don’t have the space to store a bunch of canned goods. I do however have a very large  freezer.

I will usually freeze my applesauce in freezer bags as they take up less space. You can also use storage container that are made for the freezer.

My one and half bushel produced over 17 quarts of applesauce. I might have gotten a bit more but I set some aside for Apple Crisp and eating. Apples 029

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