praise ps 100 2

Worship with gladness, sing with joy! this comes as a much needed truth in my life at the moment. I am reminded that it doesn’t matter how I feel, what is going on in the world or what circumstances I find myself in I can Worship with LORD with gladness. I can CHOOSE to go before Him and SING!

Today I am joining…


  1. Worship the Lord with gladness, I love that!!

  2. There is always something to praise God for. His mercies are new every morning and His grace is more than enough. Keep singing, it takes the focus off of us and our worries and puts it on God, where it belongs. Many blessings!

  3. Worshiping the Lord with gladness...what a great photo and verse together!

    joy & blessings to you,

  4. Amen! When we worship Him we take our eyes off of our circumstances. Yokes are broken. \o/ Hallelujah!

    Happy WFW!


  5. Ohhh yes Sharon... to worship Our Lord with this GLADNESS and come before Him, singing with Joy! What a beautiful photo and spirit of worship! May this Psalm help me to wait with this glad heart and joyful spirit! So hard at times to get beyond our is a definite CHOICE that we need to be mindful of each day! (*sigh)
    He is so worthy! Worship, Praise and Adoration just flows out of a heart seeking more of Him... As you and I do!

    Thanks Sharon... Nice job on your new button! It's fine like that...
    as long as we remember to link here. It reflects you!

    Love and peace,


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