God Sees Tomorrow Today

As we read through Exodus 25-31 we see that God gives intricate details on how to build the ark of the covenant. Every step is laid out before Moses as it should be built.  He gives him the plans for what the priest should wear down to the color of every thread. God goes on to give specifics on how His people should worship, and offer their sin offerings. He lays out plans for the temple where God will dwell. He tells them how they can purify themselves and be holy through the blood offering. God even tells Moses who He has tomorrowtodaygifted to do all the work.

As I read these chapters I am reminded that God clearly has a plan. Nothing is left to chance or guessing. He knows what is needed and even who will do it. As I read through these chapters I couldn’t help but think if God had all this planned out to the smallest detail then surely He has my life planned. Surely He has a plan for the lives of my children, and my grand children.

But, unlike the plans God gave Moses God has not told me every single detail of His plan for my life. He has not told me all the details of what life will look like for my children or grandchildren. The thing is I don’t need to know all the details. I think I do. I want to know how the story ends, but I am not the author of the story. For those of us who battle control issues this is hard.

Yet I am reminded of what I know to be truth. God is sovereign and before the foundations of the earth He knew me, He knew my children and all our days have been planned. (Psalm 139) God sees today what will be tomorrow and I need to rest in the knowledge that His plans and purposes are always good. Psalms 119:68 says that the Lord is good and does good. I need to rest in that instead of worrying about tomorrow.

This is what I know for sure deep down in my gut, God loves me, my children and the generations that come after me. I know He is not will that any should perish. (John 3:16) I know He rewards the faithful through out the generations. (Duet 7:9) I know that even in the midst of what may seem like impossibilities God has a plan filled with hope. (Jeremiah 29:11) I know He will continue to work out for good what He has begun in the hearts of His children. (Phil 1:6) I know the Bible is filled with promises of God. Filled with promises that I can rest in even when I don’t see tomorrow.

I know God is sovereign. If I know He is sovereign, that He is in control and has a plan and a purpose then I can rest. I can rest and not worry or be anxious about the future generations of those I love. So much easier said than done but I am praying that God would continue to work in me to completely surrender to whatever His plans are. Today I may not be able to see whether or not my children or grandchildren will serve the Lord with their whole life but I can pray and trust in a God who will work out all the details and loves them more than I.

As I reflect on God’s detailed plans of the Ark of the Covenant, the Temple and the Priest robes I am encouraged that if He has a plan for these then He most definitely has a plan for His children. He will not leave anything undone. He will complete that which He started in me, in my children and my children’s children.

How about you? Are you trusting God with what you can not see or understand in the life of your future generations?


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  1. I do trust God implicitly, Sharon. Thank you for this most encouraging post, dear soul. For he knows the plans he has for each of us in the household of faith. Amen.

  2. Thank you Debra for stopping by. So grateful for your encouraging words.


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