30 Days of Blessings: Godly Pastors


     I have been very blessed when it comes to the pastors I have sat under. They have been godly men who have preached the Word of God.  I am grateful for these men who have loved the Lord, His word and the people they are called to shepherd.

     They have not been perfect but they have been men that desired to lead Christ’s church in a way that brings glory to God and help them become more like Christ.

     I am deeply grateful for the pastors who have taught me so much in the past, those who pursue a wayward teenager, brought healing and taught the importance of doctrine, love and grace with backbone.

     Today I sit under a pastor whose desire is to see whole, healed and free people in Christ. He desires to see people in God’s word for themselves, to know truth and be obedient to the truth of God’s word. Constantly he pushes, challenges and extorts those sitting in the pew to LIVE a LIFE obedient to Christ. It is nearly impossible to not be encouraged, convicted and challenged by him as he brings the Word of God. 

     He is not perfect. He openly admits his imperfections.His struggles. He is real. He will share the glorious moments in his life and those moments he has failed. He is vulnerable before his congregation. I’ve only known one other pastor as open and honest as him and that is the one before him. Our church has been blessed with Godly pastors. Godly men leading the flock of Christ.

     It is such a blessing to be apart of a body that has a leader who follows hard after Christ. My prayer for you, reader, is that you can say the same about your pastor.

Thank you Father for your faithfulness in my life and leading me to sit under such men of God. Thank you for my current pastor who shepherd’s Your people well. May You continue to do a work in him and through him as You ready Your Bride for the Groom to arrive. Father I pray for this man of God and others who are charged with feeding Your sheep. May they be strengthened in order to stand firm on the truth of Your Word. May they not turn to the left or right but follow hard after You keeping their eyes on that which You have called them to do. Father help me to be an encourager to my pastor. To pray for him and give him love, grace and mercy.



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