30 Days of Blessings: First Snow

Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be white as snow, though they are red like crimson, they shall be like wool.’ Isaiah 1:18
2012-11-27 09.24.51
I love the first snow. It’s beautiful to watch as each unique flake floats down from the sky and lands on the earth covering it with a blanket of white.

A blanket of white reminding me winter is indeed here. Pure white snow covering that which has dried up and died from the season before.

Snow covers that which has seemingly died. But deep inside it waits to come forth again to bring the beauty of color. Deep inside blossoms await to live once again.

That blanket of white that covers the earth today reminds me also of something even more beautiful. It reminds me that my sins have been covered.

Sin and death no longer reign in my soul. Sin which causes deep darkness of the soul and eternal death has been covered by the blood of the lamb. Jesus died that I might live. He paid the debt for my sin.

Now my sin lies covered and is as white as snow. Brilliant, beautiful snow that is spotless and pure is how my sin appears to God.

His blood covers my sin and what was once dead now springs to life with the newness of Christ.

Hallelujah! What an amazing blessing!!

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