A 2015 Journey Through the Word

I am reading the Bible chronologically through 2015 and keep coming across truths that stop me and require a few moments to ponder. It’s amazing what we see, and begin to put together when we read the story of God’s redemption as it  happened. I am sure many of those thoughts will find there way here on this blog, so in order to keep track of the journey I have decided to give these thoughts an button so that I (and possibly anyone who is curious) can easily come back to see what God has shown me.

As I am thinking about how much I love this idea I am wondering if I should try to go back and list my reflections in 2013 when I read the Bible in a year. Sigh...maybe one day.

Below is a list with their scripture references. I am finding that some ideas come immediately as I read. Others though take more time to process and write. Therefore they may or may not always be posted in the order that I read them.

When We Get Stuck  Genesis 39-45
Keep Silent and Move  Exodus 14
Stop Giving, We Have Enough! Exodus 36:3-7
God Sees Tomorrow Today Exodus 25-31
Am I Following After Him? Deut 10:12-13
God's Standard of Holiness Does Not Change Leviticus 19-24
Rest, Eat For the Journey is long 1 Kings 17-19

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