I Want to be F.A.T.!

I have to laugh when I first saw this. I mean seriously fat is not something we typically want to be whether we are talking weight or spiritually. In a world that is totally body conscience being over weight is not a goal we set for ourselves. In the church when we refer to fat Christians we typically are describing someone who will feast on the word of God through Sunday School, sermons, studies etc.. but never really get involved in the church or use what they are learning. 

Fat tends to be a negative description. This week I heard being “fat” in a way that was positive, in a way that made me want to be FAT!

I want to be fatFaithful – I want to be a woman that is faithful to her God. Faithful in my study and prayer. Faithful in my obedience.

Available – I want to be a woman that is available to do the will of God. I don’t want to come up with excuses of why I can’t do what God is calling me to do, I just want to do it. I want to have an attitude that says nothing is more important that obey God. Even if that means setting aside my own desires and agenda to meet the need of one God places in my path.

Teachable – Oh how I long to be a woman that is always teachable. No matter how mature I think I am, regardless of my age, or education I want to have heart that says I still have things that God and others need to teach me. I want to have an attitude that says I don’t know everything. I want to live in such a way that says even if I think I know something I am willing to listen and learn and grow.

To be faithful, available and teachable are good goals don’t you think? It’s the kind of “fat” we can say, “the fatter the better”! 

But first we must remember that we will be none of these things without surrendering to the work of the Spirit in our lives and  heart. So let’s pray together that God would make us fat! What do you say?

Oh Father I do long to be a faithful daughter, one that pursues You in prayer and the reading of the word. I want to be available to do your will and I want to be teachable. Show me, teach me, mold me in the areas where I am still not there. Amen.

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