5 Truths I Wish I’d Known Before Graduation

This week I turned another year older and as I reflected over my life I saw places that, had I known truth, my life might have been different. So many lies are told and believed that shape our thinking and how we live our lives. I share these fives things (in no particular order) for those who By t0zz, published on 16 June 2011<br />Stock Photo - image ID: 10046308might not know and for those who need encouragement.

1. Average students can go to college. There is always a way if you want it bad enough. Do not let school counselors (or anyone else for that matter) tell you that you aren’t smart enough. You can always start in a community college and transfer. There have been many men and women who have done poorly in High School and yet made Dean’s list in college. So don’t ever let anyone say you can not do it.

2. It really is all about what’s inside you that counts. There will always be someone more popular or prettier than you but true beauty is developed deep within the soul. What we look like on the outside does fade but for the woman that has inner beauty her beauty never fades.

3. What others think of you doesn’t matter. Know who God says you are. Even though I am writing these in no particular order I think this one should be first! I have learned that when we know the truth of who God says we are it doesn’t matter what others think of us. It will matter less when others reject us or hurt us. When we know who we are in Christ we can walk in confidence of who He is creating us to be.

4. No one is perfect. No one has it all together. We all struggle with various things in our life. We are all in the process of BECOMING who God created us to be. Not one of us have arrived. There is always more to learn. We always have room to grow.

5. Your past does not define you. Regardless of the choices you’ve made or the circumstances you’ve had to walk through your past does not determine your future. Today is a new day, start over. Grow from the heartaches of yesterday and rise above them. Yes, sometimes you need help and/or need healing, it’s okay. Ask for help. Seek counseling if needed, never be afraid to seek healing from those things that have threaten to overtake you.

As I look over these five things I am reminded of something that could probably be number six…

If you didn’t know these things and you walked through life doing your best while seeking the God of the universe He is faithful and works out everything for your good and His glory. Even if you sometimes feel you found out the Truth of who God is and who you are too late God’s timing is perfect. He has a plan and purpose for each one of us. True success and beauty is a life lived in the pursuit of The One who created us.

What might you add to the list?

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