They Are My Sisters

In 2011 I wrote about my sisters in the DRC who are being raped. Women and children. Children as young as 3 years old. It was unthinkable. It IS unthinkable that women are being ganged raped until their bodies are lifeless, broken, torn and left for dead. Scarred physically and mentally. Many of them have found themselves pregnant from the rapes.
mysistersIt’s horrific and I can not imagine all the trauma they have endured. Yet in the midst of such suffering the gospel is being shared. Women and men are coming to Christ. They are finding healing through the love of Christ as people invested their time, love and resources.

Since then I have not forgotten. God will not let me forget. In fact my heart has grown for those who have endured such trauma. My eyes have been opened to the world wide effects of this horror. Over and over my heart breaks as I see and hear the depths of human depravity.

I read stories such as this from Asia, “One girl, Cindy* (we have changed her name), had only been at the rescue home 4 months – after spending over a year in the hospital. We heard how she was sold to a brothel at age 14; how boiling wine was poured over her, and how she had been left to die after her body was taken over by the infection that followed.” and Anita’s Story here, my heart breaks. These have suffered so much. But again, God is at work. HE is sending His people to speak the life of the gospel into the hearts of those who are broken and with out hope.

We need to understand that sexual trauma is about more than just the physical, they have suffered emotionally and spiritually. Every aspect of their life, thoughts, and heart have been affected. They have experienced trauma that we will never understand and I pray will never have to endure. Their healing takes a very long time. The younger it began, and the longer they have been in such circumstances the harder the healing. For some, it’s all they have ever known, or remember of life. But God is the great healer, and daily He gives the hope of Jesus through His children.

Of course there is also the sex industry that is here, in the United States. It’s big business and girls (and boys) are taken from the homes and sold daily. Even here there are stories of parents selling their own children in order to support their drug habits. It’s everywhere. No country is immune from the horror. 

Not one.

I have been somewhat frustrated as I wonder what I can do? I really want to do more than just write a check. I want to go and minister to my sisters in Africa, to Thailand, to Asia, or even here in the U.S. who have been victims to such horror. But as of yet God has not opened a door. I do understand He may never open the door for me.  Although I am in touch with a ministry that has a way they use bloggers/writers to encourage and reach out to some of the women in the healing process. But they are currently putting it on hold in order to re-evaluate what is working and what isn’t and will then re-open the selection process. It’s something I am praying about.

I have also found a few ministries that have short-term missions trips to minister to these women. I am keeping my options open, praying, asking God to lead. Praying. And praying some more. I am asking God if 2015 might be my year to go, will you pray with me?

I just want to go…preach the gospel…and disciple…who knows how God might use this desire or when….

But for now, I can speak out. I can blog about my sisters so that others might know.
How is God breaking your heart for the lost? The hurting? I would love to hear!

Check out these sites for missions opportunities!
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  1. This is INCREDIBLE! I think this post may be an answer to prayer. I have been reading the book "God in a Brothel" and have been wondering what I can do to be more involved in helping these women. I have been praying daily for them, but like you, I would love to do more. Thank you for sharing this.

  2. Great post. I know God has a season for everything and its hard to wait for Him to say MOVE sometimes! Praying He leads you in the right direction and that you can be faithful to what you are passionate about in some way! Visiting from Faith Filled Fridays.

  3. I hear your heart. May God use you as you share about women around the world and may He lead you to where He would have you to go. I am a missionary that disciples women in Mozambique. Their lives are so hard and I learn from the joy they have even in difficult circumstances.


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