May We Teach Her Truth


I love the adjectives that come out of Proverbs 31 that describe a woman. May we as mothers and grandmothers strive to teach our daughters and granddaughters to be girls who are trustworthy, good, industrious, hardworking, leader, strong, generous, kind, wise, noble and beautiful.

May we teach them to be women of character, who are kind, compassionate and seeks the heart of God. May we teach them that above all they should be women who fear the LORD.

I pray for this generation of young girls who are being raised in the midst of a world that no longer understands where true beauty lies, where true strength comes from or what truly defines a woman of God.

I pray that we as the “older” may help them discern the truth of God’s word from the lies of the word. May we be willing to stand firm against those that would desire to teach them that which God’s word does not teach.

May we help them be strong God honoring leaders, gospel teaching, truth speaking women. Women who disciple, grow, and lead among their peers. May we teach them righteousness, holiness, compassion and may we not just teach them let us rise up and model it before them.

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