Repurposed Frame

Not long ago I got this leather square ottoman/coffee, I love it. In the mornings I grab my coffee, Bible and head over to my sofa. I am always putting my coffee cup on the ottoman to which my husband is always fearful I will spill since it is a soft surface. So to help my cause I decided to purchase a tray that I would  be able to place on the ottoman.

I found nothing. Either I didn’t like it, the styles or colors didn’t match or it was way over priced. So I decided to try my hand at making one. I had seen several on Pintrest and thought it couldn’t be that hard.

So I headed out to my local thrift store to purchase the perfect frame. I wanted a fancy intricate wood frame, but didn’t find one. So I settled for the plain one below.
2013-10-03 15.14.58
Then I gathered a few supplies that I would need. I purchased the felt and scrapbook paper at Hobby Lobby.  I cut the felt down to the size of the frame and the paper I cut to the size of the picture after taking it apart.
2013-10-10 10.00.39

       2013-10-03 15.33.59

My next step was painting the frame. Since I had recently repainted the room I was going to put the tray in so I used the left over wall paint. Let it dry. Painted another coat and let it dry over night.
2013-10-03 15.33.25
Then I took sand paper and gave it a light sanding for an aged look. Once I got it looking the way I wanted I placed the handles (purchased at Lowes) in the spot I wanted them. And put the scrapbook paper in front of the original picture and put it all back together.

2013-10-04 10.05.16
            2013-10-04 10.05.45 

I then glued the felt to the back of the frame to create a smooth surface that would not scratch or pull anything it might sit on.

 I saw on Pintrest that others used brown craft paper for the back. I chose felt as I thought it would hold up better for my purposes. I used wood glue as its what I had, which did leave a noticeable glue mark. It’s on the back which really isn’t a problem but next time I would either use darker felt or white glue!

 Here is the after picture! I just love the paper. Family is so important to me and I cherish every moment with them…

besides the colors were the perfect match to the pillows on my sofa!

 And here it is in use!! The total project cost about $11.00. I might just have to make another one it was so much fun!!


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