Sponge Ball Fun

I saw this idea a while ago on Pintrest and thought it might come in handy one day. Well today is the day!

 My grandchildren love to have water balloon fights but honestly the balloons are hard to fill, tie and then in a matter of seconds the bag is done and the fun is over. So often my grandchildren have begged me to go to the store and by more. When I saw this idea I figured why not try it out this weekend when they come over!

2013-06-27 13.46.23


So first I decided to check the dollar store and found these.  They are not the same type of sponge but still will work! So I bought 2 packages for a dollar each. I knew I already had dental floss at home so I didn’t bother buying more.



Next I cut them in fourths, cutting in half first so that I could get them all about the same size.

2013-06-27 14.01.47


2013-06-27 14.02.31







Once I got them all cut I put them in piles of 8 mixing up the colors as best as I 2013-06-27 14.09.11could.  I put some pile of 2 colors and some of 3, it would have work so much better if there had been one other color! But that’s just my hidden OCD coming out. Smile

I found that if I placed the floss (or other small string) on the table then put my pieces on top it was easier to tie.2013-06-27 14.10.37

When you tie the floss pull it until the sponges form a ball then wrap around again so that you are tying again behind where you tied first, then knot it.


You should get 10 sponge balls, if you purchase 2 packages. It took me about 30 to 40 minutes of my time. At $.20 a piece that’s not bad! Especially when you don’t have to keep filling up more balloons.2013-06-27 14.18.48 

Now to test them out on the Grandchildren this weekend.

Oh you will need a bucket also. IF you don’t have one you can usually pick a small one up at the dollar store also. Or go to Home Depot and purchase one of their 5 gallon Homer buckets. They are orange and run around 3 bucks I think.

We have  5 gallon buckets that my husband saved from several home projects, that I will use. He never gets rid of them and seems to always find uses for them! Winking smile


Items needed:

  • Sponges
  • Dental Floss or other type of thin, strong string
  • scissors
  • Bucket


UPDATE 6/30/2013 – They were a HUGE hit!


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