Final Thoughts on a Day of Prayer

Father as this day of prayer comes to a close I confess that at times it seems an impossible task to change a world that is so dark.

I wonder if my prayers even make a difference.

                    Then you remind me that I am not to JUST pray, you have also called me to Go and Do.

     You have call me to be a witness.

I am to be salt and light.

          I am to offer love, not hate.

Grace, not judgment.

Peace, not anger.

You have called me to live a life that sacrifices.

A life that is not my own.

A life that willingly dies to my own desires in order to serve others.

You have called me to walk in righteousness.

To flee sinful desires.

RepentanceThis is how I am to live.

This is what it means to follow Christ.

This is what will change a world filled with so much hate.

So Father as we say our prayers today for our govt leaders, President, those who fight for our country and so much more I ask that You would stir up a people willing to stand strong.

A people willing to live totally abandoned to you.

Father, may your your will be done and your purposes fulfilled.

May your people rise up and stand together as one.

                May they not be ashamed to speak the gospel.

                    I pray that the church would be a beacon that shines brightly.

                                And Father I pray it all begins here and now.

In my own heart.

                            Change it, mold it, help me to be a bold witness of the gospel of Christ Jesus.

          Help me to live my life in the shadow of the cross, where you suffered and died that I might have forgiveness of sin.

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