I Give Up

RepentanceToday it’s been decided.

Today is the day I will give up.

Yes I’ve been here before.

It’s a daily giving up.

A moment by moment surrender.

Change must come.

Change that comes from deep inside.

Not change that changes back when storms come.

Change that weathers the storm.

Change that stands in faith and is unmovable.

Change that says my life is not my own.

I give up my life to follow Him.

I give up my will for His.

I give up trying to please anyone but Him.

I’m tired of trying.

Tired of wondering if it’s me that has failed.

The yoke I carry is impossible. yoke 1

I’ve made it too hard.

His yoke is easy. His burden light.

He came that I might be free.

Free from my burden of perfection.

Free from my burden of control.

Free from my burden of selfishness.

He has taken my burden away.

He nailed it the cross.

Today is the day I remember I live for Him.

He alone is the one I must follow.

His Spirit lives in me.

Today I give up and let Him live through me.


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