El Shaddai

El Shaddai - All-Sufficient One, Lord God Almighty - This refers to God completely nourishing, satisfying, and supplying His people with all their needs as a mother would her child.

The first time God introduces Himself as El Shaddai is in Gen 17:1. “Now when Abram was ninety-nine years old, the LORD appeared to Abram and said to him, "I am God Almighty; Walk before Me, and be blameless.”  '

As I thought about this I found it such a wonderful truth. God tells Abraham to “walk before Me and be blameless.” It’s what I am to do. It’s what God calls everyone of His children to do. To walk before Him and be blameless.

But I am SO human and sinful! And when I am in pain my guard is down. I am short tempered. I just find it hard to be nice. I do try! And then ask for forgiveness a lot!

He is sufficient. He will supply ALL my needs, even when I am in pain and can’t seem to react as I should. His strength and power flows through me and I am better able to walk blameless even in pain or weathering one of life’s storms.

God reveals that He is the All-Sufficient One as He tells Abraham to walk blameless. God knew Abraham would need to know that only in understanding God’s all sufficient power could he walk blameless.

The truth is in my own strength I will never be able to walk before the Lord and be blameless. I will never be able to meet my needs or anyone else's. Furthermore, there is no one or thing on earth that will satisfy any need or longing I might have. Only my El Shaddai is able.

There is so much more to see in the name of God. So much to reflect upon. We could talk about the way He nourishes our soul. How He holds us  ever so tenderly when we are feel lost or afraid. We could talk about how He fills us up completely and satisfies every unmet longing, need and desire.

Why not sit for a few minutes and think or write in your journal all the ways God reveals His name El Shaddai in your life. And if you feel led I would just love to have you share a few.

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