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I have often heard that Valentine’s Day is more a girly holiday than one for guys. It’s all about romance and love.

Since my boys were young I have always loved celebrating Valentine’s Day with them. We would make homemade cards for daddy and make heart shaped pizza. I will admit it wasn’t consist, but the years I made an effort to make it special it just warmed my heart.

As they got older, we didn’t make cards but I would still make heart shaped pizza or iced sugar cookies. I would buy them candy or in some way try to show them my love.

My boys are grown and gone, but I still get to create fun ways of serving my husband, adding a bit of romance too. I will make some sort of heart shaped meal with heart shaped dessert. The table will be lit with candles with music playing in the background. I will put something pretty on. It will be for him. It will be the two of us.  We will spend time celebrating our love.

You see I do not believe Valentines Day is just for women. It’s not just about me. In fact many years I only get a card. Other years maybe flowers or candy. But it’s not the point. I say that with all honesty. I don’t look for anything and I always tell him I don’t want anything when he asks.

It’s about him. I LOVE serving him.

Yes some will say I serve him everyday and he should serve me. I’ve heard it from other wives. But dear friends it’s never to be about me. That is not what love is about. Love is about serving, not looking to be served.

What will you do for your husband and/or family? Do you have any traditions? I would love to hear from you. I am always looking for new idea!

Oh and for all you moms out there with young one’s – some years I would feed the kids and plan to put them to bed early. Then my hubby and me could have a candle light dinner. Other years I just included them in the candle light. Be creative!!


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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