Three Days of Blessings from the Lord

blessingsI had an unplanned couple of days off from blogging so it means I missed a few days of sharing my blessings. So today I get to share 3 amazing days with you.

Day 9 – Friday I was blessed to spend several hours with my granddaughter and daughter in love. As I sat with her and we talked I realized the blessing that God has given me as I pour my life into them both.

One of the things I have asked God is to allow me to pour my life into younger women, moms and wives. But for what ever reason the opportunities just don’t seem to be available in our church community. I have actually stopped trying to make it happen and have just given it to the Lord. If I it’s what He wants in my life He will bring the women.

Anyway I am sitting there on Friday and I heard God whisper, “Start here.” I have 3 young women in my life. I have two daughter in loves and a granddaughter. I can pour into them. I can love on them. I can share my experiences with them. This is ministry. This is leaving a legacy. This is a blessing.

Day 10 – Yesterday I was blessed beyond belief. Truly. I spent the day with several amazing women as we were challenged and encouraged by Kay Arthur.

I love sitting and listening to her. She’s not a whole lot of “fluff”. She gets right to the heart of things and speaks truth. She speaks God’s truth…even the hard truths that we don’t like to hear. She isn’t going to water down or try to soften the word of God. I love that about her.

The day was challenging because of the truth she spoke but it was also encouraging because it echoed the message God has been laying on my heart. A message that calls me to a greater obedience to God. A message that requires a greater cost. A cost of what this world says is important and worthy to pursue. A greater cost that says I must die to the things of this world…to my flesh.

The time has come to be bold and speak forth the truth of God. I pray for a greater boldness. A boldness that fears God not man. A boldness that will call out sin. A boldness that speaks with love. A love that says I care where you spend eternity, not a love that says I need you to like or accept the Word of God.

Kay challenged me to speak truth. Not what I think is true, but what I KNOW is true based on studying the word of God. What a blessed day in the Lord!!

Day 11 – Today another speaker, another challenge. Well really a follow up to the challenge of yesterday. Our pastor said today "God's promotion is a higher calling to a deeper service." When we give all we have to God to be used His calling on our lives most often lead us to a deeper service. It’s a dying to self and serving others.

In call into God’s service doesn’t mean more money, greater comforts or more power or being popular. Being in service to God is quite the opposite. It means dying to self. Dying to the pull of the things of the world. Often it means great suffering and difficult trials as we service our King.

No one likes suffering or trials, but because I truly believe that Christians in America will see more and more persecution in the coming years I ask that God begins to prepare me now.

I do see it as a blessing though. Persecution that is. It is a blessing because I know my God. I know He is totally trust worthy and if He brings persecution to American Christians it’s because HE loves us and needs to separate those who are truly His and those who are not. All who call themselves Christians are NOT true followers of Christ. They all are not going to heaven. They will not share in eternity with Christ.

The American Church needs a spiritual awakening….but first I pray for it in my own heart.

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