30 Days of Blessings: My Marriage

1983 001 (2)_thumb[11]Today I celebrate 29 years of marriage. Twenty nine years of blessing upon blessings. Growing up I didn’t hold much hope in fairytale endings of living happily ever after. I am so thankful and extremely blessed that God has given me one. I am thankful for my Prince!

Oh our marriage hasn’t been perfect and there have been bumps in the road but we are living “happily ever after”. I’ve shared our story here and here so I will not share it again. I love our story. It’s a story of redeeming love, of a love that pursues us.

So today I want to just share a few random thoughts about marriage…my marriage, our love and our life.

  • Even today after so many wonderful years I can’t believe he is mine.
  • His love for me knows no limits.
  • I love him more today than I thought would ever be possible.
  • We’ve grown together with the Lord.
  • We’ve made sacrifices for one another.
  • We’ve made our marriage a priority above all other relationships.
  • I love just being with him.
  • He is my best friend, I am his.
  • We can and do talk about everything.
  • We have allowed each other to grow.

A few things I’ve learned along the way.

  • Love is a choice, not a feeling.
  • I can not change my husband, only God can.
  • I can and should pray for him.
  • Love puts the other persons needs ahead of your own…that includes my husband.
  • I need to be the best wife I know how to be with God as my center.
  • I need to serve my husband whether or not he chooses to serve me.
  • If I want to be treated like a queen I need to treat him like a king.
  • Love never, ever demands it’s own way or manipulates.
  • I need to show him respect.
  • Marriage is work, sometimes hard work.
  • We have covenanted together with God.

I am sure there is so much more I could share but I think you get the idea. I am blessed in my marriage. It’s been a tremendous blessing from God. Not because it’s perfect but because we both are committed to making it work. We understand that it’s a covenant that we made together with God so we are not alone. God is for us, He fights for us and helps us to grow and learn how to love and be an example of the bride of Christ.

Thank you God for being apart of our marriage. Thank you for Your faithfulness to us as we walk together with You.




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  1. Happy Anniversary Keith and Sharon. You area great testimony to a wonderful marriage!

  2. wonderful reflection. much love and joy in the year to come.


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