30 Days of Blessings: His Encouragement

I love youIt is such a blessing to my heart when my Father encourages me and reminds me of His love. One of my weakest area’s, the place the enemy attacks most often, has been believing I am not loved. I am unlovable, forgotten and forsaken. I knew what the word said, but it was hard to believe it was meant for me. While God has brought tremendous healing in this area and I am no longer in bondage to these lies there are times they rear their ugly head.

The last few days I have been sad in my spirit. Was is sin? Wrong thinking? For whatever reason I wasn’t picking up on what was causing this sadness!

This morning I sat at the feet of my Father and asked Him to search my heart. Show me what was troubling my heart. I worked on my Bible Study, prayed then ended up reading Psalms 139. I love this chapter. I love the truths God speaks over me. As I read through the words they began soothing my heart and mind.

God’s word brought encouragement as He reminded me…

He examines my heart and knows everything about me. He is intimately acquainted with all my ways.

He guides me and tells me where to walk. No matter where I am He sees me. I can not escape His loving eye watching over me!

Even in those moment I want to hide or feel as if I can’t be seen – He sees me.

Even before the world began He knew me. He knit me together in my mother’s womb.  Every day of my life is recorded in His book. Every single moment is laid out before Him.

His thoughts toward me are precious. I am precious in His sight!

He searches me and knows my heart. He will test me so that my thoughts are right before Him.

His love is so great that He point out anything in me that offends Him, and leads me to a life of everlasting with Him.

My Father is here. He is very real. He speaks to me through His words. He knows all about me. He knows my weakness and yet He loves me. He is always with me.

On a day when I was feeling sad and a lone I needed these words from my Father. Words that spoke a blessing into my heart and encouraged my soul.

O Father there is nothing in me that deserves Your great love and yet You freely give it. Thank you. You are faithful in reminding me of Your love even in my unfaithfulness. Thank you. My debt to you is more than I could ever repay. I owe you my life, my heart and my obedience. Forgive me for an unfaithful heart. Forgive me for the, sin that separates me from you. Thank you for sending Your Son to die as payment for my debt. I am so grateful for Your love toward me! Amen

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