30 Days of Blessings: Grandchildren


Day 16: Two precious grandsons. Both of them have stole my hearts in their own way. They each have a special place in my heart. It’s hard to explain the love of a grandchild, the joy.

To see their faces. Listen to their stories. Oh my heart adores them. I couldn’t be prouder of them. They are tender hearted, loving, respectful and such wonderful helpers.

They are such an amazing gift from God. Such a blessing!!

2012-08-14 19.32.38Day 17: A Granddaughter: Weeks before she was born my heart was filled with both joy and fear. To buy pink, lace and all things girly! What fun I imagined. Playing dolls and having tea parties. To create memories of baking, laughing and sharing my journey with her. To mentor, love and cherish this dear granddaughter. Oh my heart soared when I heard the words “it’s a girl!”

Then came the fear. Terrible fear. What if I couldn’t love her or nurture her the way a grandmother should. A girl. A girl is so different than a boy. What if I was a bad role model for this legacy that would come behind me?

What if she didn’t love me? Or LIKE me? Somehow my fears were different with this one. A girl who will become a woman. Knowing the women in my family have gone through hard struggles. We have endured, at young ages, much pain. The pain of abuse, death and a long history of women who either couldn’t or didn’t nurture well.

But long ago I had prayed that the chains of abuse and poor nurturing would be broken. And when my boys were born, I promised myself that they would know they are loved. They would hear it, see it, and feel it.

But boys are different than girls.

Shortly before my granddaughter was born I called my daughter-in-law in tears. The tears flowed as I shared my fears. What if I wasn’t enough? What if I didn’t know how to love her well? There was sweet assurance and encouragement in her words that I would be a great grandmother to her just like I have been to my grandsons.

I would spend much time praying. Crying out to God to help me love her well.

My granddaughter just turned 3 last month. She stole my heart the moment I held her. I adore her. We have a good relationship. Her mother and father often tell me how she constantly asks to go to Nana’s house. When she is here she wants to stay.

She adores her Nana. (Well, so do my grandsons!)

I am so very blessed. God’s timing is always perfect. He knew best when to bless my family with a little girl. I am so thankful!


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