30 Days of Blessings: 23-25

Catching up today on 3 days of blessings…

blessingsSweet Sister Friends: Earlier in the month I wrote about my heart sisters and their profound impact on my life. They are those that have changed the course of my life in some way. Today I want to thank my Father in heaven for the blessings of sister friends.

We not only share the bond of Christ but we have connected in our hearts. These are the friends you know you can be comfortable with. You have shared tears, laughter and memories together. You know you can call them up and they will listen, pray, offer encouragement and speak truth. They love you enough to speak hard truth.

These women have come in and out of my life touching a part of it for a moment and moved on. What I treasure is the blessing of those who have moved on when we connect again there is still a bond. A love that fills the heart. As I try to name them I will not use last names even though as I think through these ladies I realize there are many with the same name. I will only list the name once. God will know who I speak of.

So Father thank you for blessing me with Joann, Debbie, Colleen, Linda, Jan, Sharon, Melissa, Janine, Denise, Pat, Karen, Ursula, Jacqui, Helen, Rhonda, Jillian, Patrice, Zoriada, and I am sure I am forgetting a few. Father I do not deserve these treasures you have given but I thank you for the blessings they have poured out on my life.

Online Sisters: These are the women I have connected with on-line. Not just in a casual way but in a deep, heart kind of way. We have connected because of our mutual love of Jesus, blogging and various other connections. They inspire, encourage, and bless me in so many ways. I have not met them face to face (other than Sue) but in so many ways it certainly feels as if we have. I am so thankful for Sandy, Sue, Melissa, Jesica, Ginger, Mari, and so many others. You speak openly and honestly about your life, your struggles. I have cried with you, laughed and prayed. We are sisters and one day we will meet face to face. If not here than certainly in the presence of our God.


My Brothers: As I have sat here recounting my blessings in the form of my sisters I am reminded of the brothers God has brought into my life. Men, godly men, who have shown me Jesus. They have also encouraged, challenged and loved me. And while our bond is different than with my sisters, still it is a bond that will last through eternity.

These men have touched my heart in ways that have left me changed. God has used them in various ways to draw me closer to Him. He has used them to show me what brothers and fathers should be like. I am thankful for the men God has brought into my life so that I might be able to see and know here on earth that there are good men. Some have been my pastor and friend, others are dear, lifelong friends.  All have been a true blessing.

Oh thank you Father for the blessings of family. YOUR family.

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