30 Days of Blessings

If you have followed my blog in the past couple of years you know in November I have been doing a month of Thankfulness. This year I am changing it up a bit and doing “30 Days of Blessings”.

I would love to have you join me on the journey of Blessings.  If you join me please let me know and if you would like you can use the button below in your post linking back to here. But it’s not required. I am not looking to gain followers through this…just blessings and encouragement from my sisters! Thanks!


Looking forward to hearing from you this month!!

1. Family
2. Heart Sisters
3. Godly Pastors
4. His Love
5. He Delights in Me
6. Hope
7. Peace
8. Grace
9. A Legacy
10. Speaking Truth 
11. Service
12. His Goodness
13. The Cross
14. His Word
15. His Spirit
16. Grandsons
17. Granddaughter
18. A Gift
19. His Encouragement
20. Death
21. Redeemed 
22. He Doesn't disappoint
23. Sister Friends
24. Online Sisters
25. Brothers
26. My Marriage
27. First Snow
28. The Desert
29. Prayer

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