One Thousand Gifts

1000giftsI'm reading One Thousand Gifts: A Dare to Live Fully Right Where You Are By Ann Voskamp  and have challenged myself to write my own list of gifts God has given. At first I was just going to keep it private, then thought maybe my list would encourage others to see the daily gifts God gives each of us. So the list below is one that I’ve gathered over the last week or two. I haven’t been consisted in list something daily, but that is my goal.

Also my awareness of those things around me that are truly gifts has increased. What I am seeing is the precious care God takes in giving us gifts of those things that so often go unnoticed.

1. The laughter of grandchildren

2. Little girl hugs in the morning

3. Afternoon naps (for Nana)

4. A gentle breeze in the heat of the day

5. An unexpected gift from a friend


6. An encouraging phone call

7. A sweet song from the Lord to calm my anxious heart

8. A word from Him to remind me I am beloved of God and kept kept in Christ Jesus

9. Sweet silence


11. A refreshing talk with a friend

12. Pink tinted Clouds

13. Sweet Rest


14. Friends who really do love you

15. Rain

16. My soul mate, the one I'll love til death

17. Undeserved grace showered upon me today


18. Time with family

19. A long lost friend found

20. Biblical Truth Preached without apology

21. A needed hug and lunch with a sweet friend

22. The love of a spiritual mother


23. A Hug through a phone conversation

24. A husband who carefully watches over me

25. Sleeping until late morning

26. Memories of my father that bring sweetness

27. Adult children who still love you

28. A quiet walk along the creek

29. Unexpected visitors

30. A chance to encourage a sister in Christ

31. Opportunity to bring a smile to one's face

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  1. Absolutely, these are the best gifts one can have in this busy life. These gifts give a piece of satisfaction in our heart which can't come from some expensive and feeling-less gifts.


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