A Tribute to a Spiritual Mother

As I read through Proverbs 31, I am reminded of a woman who exemplify so many of these characteristics that define a Godly woman.

She is a woman that reminds me of scripture, truth, and the promises of God. She always has a listening ear and a word of encouragement, even in those moments that she herself needs encouragement.

She loves the Word of God. And I love the way her eyes light up every time she gets to share all that God is showing her.

She exemplifies humility. She exudes inner beauty...not to mention her outer beauty. She loves her husband well. She supports and stands by him.

I’ve watched her during difficult times hold fast to her faith. To say she takes comfort in her relationship with Jesus would be an understatement. She finds her very life in that relationship.

She loves with the love of a mother’s heart. She willingly pours her life into the daughters that God has given her. She prays for them and longs to see them follow God with a passion.

As I watch her I am so blessed to know her and have her pour her life into me. I am only one of many daughters who have had the privilege of being influenced by her godly example.

It is now time for her to move into a new season, a new state and a new ministry. There she will continue to pour her life into the many daughters that God will bring into her life. She will influence them and by her life and love for God she will draw them closer to Him.

Her daughters here will miss her, but rejoice with the knowledge that God is going to use her in mighty ways.

We rise up and call her blessed.

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