Thoughts at a Funeral…

I sat listening to the song “Now My Life Song Sings” being sung at a funeral this week and was struck by the message.

I’ve heard the song many times before, but had not really thought about the deeper meaning.

The song tells me that before coming to know Christ I was lost, blind and dead but now because of Him I am found. I see and I am alive. Because of all that Christ did on the cross my life sings the song of His amazing grace.

My life sings of His amazing love.

But I sat there listening to the song again, thinking of the dear man who now stood before Christ, face to face. I realized that he now understood in a way I could not.

I live far away but now he is home. Heaven is our real home and while here on earth is seems so far away.

He was once dead but now he lives. I imagine once we are in heaven our life here on earth will seem as death.

Here on earth I see dimly, but now he sees clearly. Here we are blind to much of the eternal but one day we will see clearly.

Here my life song is sung as a shadow of grace, love, and mercy. It sings of His sacrifice, His death, His life.

But one day my life song will be one of pure, holy worship…


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