I’ve been working on a blog about the topic of submission and respect, but it’s not ready for today as I had hoped. So I thought I would post this blog below written by Renee Swope. She says it all so well! And I will post my blog next Monday :-)


Like many women, I was terrified if I submitted to my husband I would become a doormat and lose myself somewhere in the middle of letting my husband lead. I regretfully remember one time JJ told me it was easier to let me lead, because it wasn’t worth the argument.

You’d think that’s what I wanted – to get my way. But it wasn’t what I wanted because JJ became apathetic. Soon I realized I was losing respect for my husband and it was mostly my fault. I wanted him to lead, but when he tried I would often criticize how he led so he shut down. It was a mess!

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You can also find this at www.RooMag.com under Wife for 3/19/2012

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