It’s Just One Moment

There are those that might say I need to let go.

They misunderstand my heart. 

They only see the moment.

One moment of tears. Sadness.

A moment of longing for what might have been.

One moment to remember. To celebrate His life.

To let go would be unbearable. It would mean his life didn’t matter.

For this moment I will embrace the remembrance of what was.

Who he was.

Today I will embrace the parts of me that are because of him.

There will be tears. Sadness. Longing.

Then tomorrow I will move on.

I will move on with a heart at peace.

Filled with joy and love.

Joy because I have hope of seeing him again.

Love because I am sure of his love for me while here.

I reflect on the moment of tears shed.

I understand.

There is no longer the pain of death.

There is life.

His life. Abundant life.

I have let go.

I am now in the comfort of His arms.

Arms of compassion and love.

The arms of Jesus.

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