Organic GIVEAWAY!!


Thanks for joining the first of three giveaways this month! Today I am giving away liquid and bar soap that is made organically.

The soaps are made by my beautiful niece Kristen Miller and her company’s philosophy is simple... to provide you with top quality organic products.

What this means is you get the best while helping to protect the environment. By making our body care products organic we ensure that no harsh chemicals or toxins are ever used. The great news is that our products reduce exposure to these toxins and they help protect the earth by lessening the reliance on pesticides and other harmful chemicals.

I’ve been using this soap for several weeks now and love it!! You can find out more about the soaps here and you can “like” her on Facebook here.

So how do you enter to win? Just leave a comment here on my blog and let me know WHAT CHARACTER OF GOD you are most thankful for!

The GIVEAWAY will be open for 5 days only! Friday I will announce the winner!

organic botton