How I Miss You!

Oh how I long for a visit with you. I have missed those times when you would come to me and we would just sit and share our hearts.

You would allow me to comfort you in your pain and sorrow. I would rejoice over you as you excitedly shared all that was happening in your life. A day wouldn’t go by that we weren’t connecting in our hearts.

Do you miss those times with me? Have you noticed an emptiness in the place where we use to have such beautiful fellowship? My heart aches for those moments that you would set aside for me.

Oh I see how busy you are doing my work. You are going about doing good and wonderful things, but don’t you see that it’s you I want. It’s your sacrifice of time that means the most to me. It’s those intimate visits with you that are most precious to me.

Your so busy I don’t know if you see that you are growing distant. I am here, I promised you that I would never leave or forsake you. I will always love you and I will wait. But what you don’t see is that one day you will wake up and feel distant from me, you may even feel as if it’s I who have pulled away from you.

But dear child I have not moved.

Do you know what brings joy to my heart? When you want to be with me. My heart soars when you come to me to spend time in fellowship and worship. I wish you could understand that it’s not the doing of things for me that I long for it’s just being with you.

Oh Father, help me to see that it is me that you want. It’s not what I can do for you that matters. You desire my heart, my life, my all and you want to have an intimate relationship with me. You want to be first in my life. Help me to put aside those things I deem as important so that I can spend more time with you. Father it’s not just more time you desire but it’s quality time. Help me to take the time to sit before you and listen intently to your heart, to your word and what you desire.

Forgive me for thinking there is anything I NEED to DO for you other than just worship. Oh Father how I want to just worship you, to spend the days exalting your name. Oh how I pray that I can sit at your feet and just dwell there.

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