Same Purpose, New Ministry

The LORD will fulfill [his purpose] for me; your love, O Lord, endures forever-- do not abandon the works of your hands. Ps 138:8.

It’s been almost a year since my life took an unexpected turn. It was a sharp turn, one I did not expect, nor was I prepared for it. It seemed that my life momentarily screeched to a halt. I found myself jobless and with out a ministry.

It was as if I was traveling down a highway when all of a sudden the road took a sharp turn, just as I thought I might gain control of the wheel the road just dropped off. Once the car came to a crashing stop at the bottom I climbed out totally confused. I felt so many things and yet didn’t know what to feel.

As I look back I realize that I spent many months just wondering around the desert places asking God, “Why?” “What did I do wrong?” “Was I on the wrong road?”“Did I miss a warning sign somewhere?” “Is it even about me?” “What were/are You trying to teach me?” Yes, I was in the desert, but I was learning to cry out to God. I was learning to seek Him and Him alone.

God took me to His word and began to show me His heart. He showed me not only His heart for His people but His heart and purpose for me.

God created me for a purpose. Before I was ever created He knew me and knew all my life experiences. He knew He would not waste a thing in my life. And because of that God’s purpose for me had not changed. His purpose for me has always been to bring help, hope, and healing to women. I have not always fully understood what that meant, but felt compelled to do it. It’s a burdened that lays so heavy on my heart that there are times it’s all I think about.

I hear their cries. I see their pain. At times their cries are so loud I want to stand on a mountain and shout for them because no one is listening. No one hears their silent cries. Their cries of desperation, of loneliness. They are hungry, tired, cold and they feel that they have no hope of anything better.

No, the call on my life has not changed. If anything it’s stronger, more purposed, more focused. Since November of 2010 I have been serving with our church among the homeless and poor. Loving on the women, hearing their stories and getting to know them, allowing them to trust me.

Next month I and three other women will begin a Bible Study with them. We have 4-5 women who we know really want to study God’s word. Our prayer is that it will grow over time.

Our (and their) help, hope and healing only comes from knowing God, getting into His word, understanding who He is and who we are in Him. Our first study is How Do You Know God Is Your Father a 40 Minute Study by Kay Arthur and BJ Lawson. Please pray that they will see the love of God through us but most importantly they would see it come alive through His word.

A year ago my life seemed to crash, but it was only a detour. A much needed detour. I still don’t have a job, but I do have a ministry. A ministry that a year ago I would have never even thought of doing.

Downtown? To the homeless? Me?

Yes, me, where help, hope and healing of Christ (through studying His word) can be offered along with food, clothing, love and friendship.

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  1. I love you so very much!

    Your words are a great encouragement to me tonight, as always.


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