A Dangerous Forgetting

All around me I watch those who are falling from truth. I watch as Christian marriages fail and parents lose faith because of a prodigal child. I watch people go from Bible study to Bible study and yet still live in anger, fear and doubt.

“Where is God?” they cry. They look at their failing finances and difficult lives and begin to doubt that God cares about the day to day of their lives. Waves of sufferings pour into their lives and there is fear, doubt and worry. 

Their words are filled with anger, criticism and sometimes even hate as they speak to others. There is jealousy, envy, greed, slander and abusive speech. Lies are told and gossip spread through the halls of the church.

It’s sad but I believe that we forgotten truth. If we remembered truth wouldn’t we live by it? We have forgotten who we ARE (now in this world) in Christ and maybe even more dangerous, we forget who God is and what He has promised. We have forgotten what we’ve been called to and why we’ve been called.

We forget that we can entrust our souls to a faithful Creator who will do what is right. (Col 4:19)We forget we will face fiery ordeals and times of testing. (Col 4:12) And we forget that in this world we WILL have tribulations.(Jn 16:33)

We forget that we have been called to suffer for His glory. We suffer tribulations so that we learn perseverance. (Rom 5:3) We forget that suffering, distress or persecution can not separate us from the love of Christ. (Rom 8:3)

The world needs to see a people that are standing firm in the midst of suffering, not a people that has forgotten how to persevere to the end.

How can we offer hope to the world if we aren’t persevering through our troubles with truth? I know it’s not easy, no one ever said it would be. But what does it say about our God when we fall apart at every dip in the road?

If we can’t even stand firm now what will we do when the heat is turned up and we are faced with real persecution. It will come and I believe very soon. I am reminded of what Jeremiah says in 12:5,"If you have run with footmen and they have tired you out, Then how can you compete with horses ? If you fall down in a land of peace, How will you do in the thicket of the Jordan?”

How will you handle things as the get tougher if you are unable to handle the crises of everyday living?

We need to cling to the truth we know. We need to hold on to who we know our God to be. We need to cling to His promises. We need to know His word, but not just know it we need to obey it. We need to allow the word of God to transform (change) our thinking, our attitudes, actions, hearts and lives. We need to be different than the world and how they react to suffering. We need to be Jesus to them so that they can see how beautiful suffering for Christ truly is.

Jesus help me to remember and stand firm on the truth I know. I want to be able to face anything this world and the enemy will throw at me. Not because I am strong, but because You are my strength and my shield. You are my Rock and my stronghold. You have promised that You will never leave me and nothing can separate me from You.(Rom 8:39) You have promised that You will finish the work in me that You began.(Phil 1:6) Jesus show me how to stand firm on your promises so that I might be a light and an example that brings You glory and honor. Amen

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  1. So true, Sharon! I was just reminded today, and was able to share with some students, that all the suffering, health issues, etc. are in our lives because sin entered the world and we are a cursed creation! WE are literally dying because sin entered the world. It's not God's fault! But he is here. He is there walking us through all the hard stuff...the results of sin in the world. He carries us through it all. That has encouraged me so much. Good post my dear!!!


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