Because of Him


Oh how He loved her. His heart waited in anticipation as He sang over her, calling her name.

Her heart longed for love. To be accepted, wanted, desired.

She was so tired of being a throw away, no one wanted her. The thought of anyone ever really loving her seemed beyond anything she could hope for.

Those who seemed to love always wanted something from her. If she find love, they always would leave her, they never stay.

She dreamed of love longed it.

She dreamed of that day when she would meet the one she could truly give her heart to. She dreamed of being a bride. Oh to be truly loved by someone! Could it ever really happen to someone like her? Deep in her heart she knew the answer.

Still, she looked for the one who could make her feel whole, to feel loved. She would go from relationship to relationship, but each time she would lose yet another part of herself.

She just wanted to feel beautiful.

Slowly the ache of loneliness grew. No matter how far she ran, how hard she tried to hide it was always there.

All the while the ONE who loved her kept waiting, longing for the day when she would be His.

The ache of loneliness grew. She felt it would destroy her. Tears streaming down her face she found herself standing out side a small little chapel.

There was soft music playing, it was drawing her in. It was the most beautiful music she had ever heard. What was it He was singing? Those words - they drew at her heart.

She walked through the door and began walking toward the music and the ONE making the music. When she saw Him she realized then the words of His song.  His eyes are on her. Who was this man? Why was she so drawn to him?

Why was He singing her name?

In His eyes there was such love, and yet, there was something else. A sadness or pain she could not tell. As she got closer she saw tears running down his face. As she stood in front of him she sensed such great sadness. With tears in his eyes and a voice filled with such compassion, he said to her, “My beloved, I have been waiting for you.”

She stood there, not at all understanding why He would call her His beloved. He came to her. He told her He loved her with an everlasting love and had waited for her for so long.

She looked in His eyes. What was she seeing? Was that her reflection? But it was a reflection she was not familiar with. It was a reflection of beauty.

She looked down unable to continue seeing such beauty.  She saw the true state of who she knew she was. She did not know the one that was beautiful in His eyes.

She fell to her knees and began to sob. Her heart was broken. She was not prepared for the ONE who loved her. How she knew He loved her she did not know, but she knew that this love was real. In her heart she could feel His love unlike any so called love before.

Her entire body shook with sobs as she begged for forgiveness. She fell to the floor before Him and began telling him how bad she was and unworthy of His love. She was not the beautiful woman she saw in his eyes. She told me she was unlovable, used, and could give Him nothing.

She felt his gentle hand on her shoulder as He said in a gentle voice. “My beloved, do not cry. I know all about you. I know every sin you’ve done and every thought you’ve had. I know your heart. But I also see the one you will become. I see beyond all the dirt, pain and sorrow. I have already made the sacrifices needed so that you can be presented clean, pure, whole before me. I paid the price necessary to wipe away every sin from your heart.”

He took her face into His hands and said, “now dear one, go and walk in the beauty of who you are. Be the woman that I know you are and who I gave my blood to save. Prepare for the day when you will be my bride for eternity.”

She did not fully understand, at least not yet. All she knew was that she was LOVED and the ONE who loved her called her beloved.

Because of Him she was beautiful. Because of Him she was whiter than snow.

“Purify me with hyssop, and I shall be clean; Wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.” Ps 51:7

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