When We Must Let Go

I hear her heart breaking. I see the emotions that are swirling inside her. It rips her apart to have to let go. She knows that it is what you want, she knows it is time and yet there is the tearing of the heart that she did not expect. She has put so much time and energy into making sure there was growth and maturity, she put so much of herself into raising them up.

Now it’s time to let go. She knew the day would come, but the pain of it brings great sobs before You. She wonders if she has done enough. The time was so short, it just seems too soon to let go!

What about the areas that still need growth, still need maturity? Can she really let go and trust that her God will watch over them? She must, for she knows that it is only with her God that they are safe. She know that God has great plans for them. She knows that the future He has planned will bring much glory to her Father’s name.

Knowing truth doesn’t make it hurt any less to let go. The pain is still there. Her heart still grieves as she lets go of that which she has put so much of her heart, soul and life into.

So now she mourns the loss, the letting go. She knows her God will watch over them. She knows that her time has come to an end. She knows that her God will move her and them on to something more, something greater that will far exceed anyone’s expectations.

She completely accepts this as part of Your plan. She knew they wouldn’t be hers forever.

She will continue to follow her God through to the next place of growth. This will not stop her, she will not be overcome by her pain or grief. Her heart will still mourn.

Her comfort comes as she knows that her God sees the pain of her heart and He understands.

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  1. Have you been reading my journal???!
    Letting go is so hard. My only child/son married 4 years ago and it has been hard, especially since his wife doesn't seem to want a relationship with us and we see them rarely. I try to accept the time we get and not push or insert myself into their lives. Not only was he my son, but a good friend, too. So I mourn the loss of both relationships.

    But, God does bring other things along. For me it has been substitute teaching, going on mission trips, and now getting more involved with the ministry that I have gone on trips with. I feel as if I have a chance to live a life I couldn't before. It's a blessing to serve in a new way.


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