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In my heart it just does not seem right, this thing people call Christian living. I don’t understand how one can say they are a “Christian” and yet their life doesn’t show it. Feeding the poor, tithing, teaching Sunday School, going to church are good things but does not make one a Christian.

To be a Christian means that my life should be like Christ. I must surrender all of me and give myself as an offering to be used of God.

To be like Christ means that I would willingly give up my life to follow the will of my Father. It would mean that I would willingly suffer for the sake of Christ.

If I truly believed in the God of the Bible wouldn’t I then live my life according to what is says?
If I truly loved God wouldn’t I pursue righteousness? Wouldn’t others see Christ in me?
If I truly loved God wouldn’t I then love my neighbor and my enemies?
If I loved God could I still speak in an unkind way to my sisters?
If I truly loved could I continue to allow my sisters and brothers live in sin?

Oh God how quickly we forget you and follow after the world. We begin to do the things that seems right to man. I read Your words in the New Testament and think “I am called to something greater than what is the current status quo of the Christian life. I am called to live on holy ground."

You are HOLY and call me to be holy.
You are righteous and call me to be righteous.
You hate sin and I am called to hate sin.
I am to live with my eyes on eternity not on earth.
I am to pursue all of who You are not more of this world.

Love, joy, and peace come from pursuing a life lived in righteousness through the help and strength of the Holy Spirit. It does not come from running after the things of this world like wealth, a career, or prestige.

When will we stop chasing the emptiness of this world and run after the God of the Bible? We can not pick and choose what we like and don’t like from the Word of God we are called to humbly obey the WHOLE counsel of God. We are called to live holy and blameless lives.

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  1. Amen Sharon and with his grace, we can live an holy and blameless life!

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