Confessions of an Adulteress

Adultery is a hurtful thing to have to walk through. When a spouse betrays your trust, love and commitment it is a long road toward healing.

Adultery is when we turn our affections toward someone other than our spouse and become intimate with them. Can you imagine with me for a moment the devastation felt in your heart. Imagine the pain. I imagine that it must feel like someone has just ripped your heart out and stomped all over it, then cut it into little pieces and threw it away.

You made a vow, a covenant, to your spouse to be his forever and then you just throw it away as if it’s nothing. It’s got to be painful and some of you unfortunately can identify with the pain far more than I can.

You see I have never experienced the devastation that adultery has on a marriage relationship.

But I am still an adulteress.

I have committed adultery toward God.

I have turned my affections toward the things of this world and become intimate with them.

I have chosen to spend time doing selfish things over doing things that God had purposed for me.

I have said that I love God and then said hateful things about one of His children.

I have longed for more instead of being content with the things God has given me.

I have chosen to spend my money on needless pleasures of this world instead of asking God how I should use it.

I have pursued my goals and dreams instead of pursuing God.

He is my bridegroom, I am His bride. We are in a covenant relationship and yet so often I live a life as if I was not committed to my bridegroom.

How it must break His heart. How He must weep over the sins of His bride. She continually chases after that which does not satisfy, she allows her affections to so easily be swayed by the many distractions of this world.

Oh how He longs for us to return to a pure and holy living. He longs for us to return to the groom and live as a bride should. He longs for us to love Him with our whole heart, soul and mind. He longs for us to be obedient to His every word.

Prayer: I fall on my knees before You my husband and pray that you will forgive me for chasing after other lovers. Forgive me for not loving You as You have asked me to. Forgive me for breaking my covenant with You. I have sinned against You and You alone.

Thank You for Your grace, forgiveness and mercy. Help me to love, really love You the way that You desire me to love You.


  1. Great post. May God forgive us when se forget that we are bethrote to him.

  2. I just wanted to leave you a comment to let you know how much your blog has blessed me. I stumbled upon it recently, and I can clearly see your love and obedience to Jesus in your writing. God bless!


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