I Need You Now

Jesus today is one of those days when tears have come easily. My soul has been downcast and my spirit is low. As hard as I try I am unable to understand why I am here.

Yet it is in this weakened state that I am reminded of my need of a savior. I need you now! I am reminded that it is Your power that I must rely on.  It is Your strength that I need, not my own.

Oh how I need you…NOW.

Jesus you promised to always be with me and yet you also told me that this world would bring trouble, doubt,and suffering. I will be tempted on every side. I will have enemies who want to destroy me. I will have hardships, sorrows and grief. My heart will have times of growing weary.

My soul cries all day long and yet I have hope in you Jesus. Because of You and the work on the cross I will not despair. I will not be crushed or destroyed. This is only for a moment.

You promised to never leave me nor forsake me. You will lead me to safety and walk beside me when I need a friend.

Jesus my heart is downcast and yet I will choose to find great comfort in the truth of your promises.  I will continue to seek you, follow you and my soul will praise Your name.

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