Thankful for my Jehovah-rapha

On a recent Sabbatical I came to know my Jehovah-rapha in a deeper, more personal way.

Jehovah-rapha means the one who is your healer. In the Hebrew the word we translate as rapha means “to mend, to cure.” It is translated “to heal, repair, repair thoroughly, make whole.” (Lord, Heal my Hurts by Kay Arthur)

God can and does heal us physically, spiritually, and emotionally. During this time with the Lord He has brought me to a deeper understanding of His power of spiritual and emotional healing.
What He has shown me, AGAIN, is that when things get difficult, when I feel as if I can’t handle life, or my current circumstance I am to run to God. It’s not just the running to God that heals, it’s what we do afterwards that matters.

If I run to God for answers and then walk away and still do what I think is best what does it profit me? I need to run to Him and then listen and obey, that is when healing begins.

If you would look at my books shelves you would see many Christian self help book and Bible studies. Books filled with godly council. Now I am not saying these are bad, but what I am saying is that God is the one who heals. Knowing His word and understanding His character and then being obedient to what He says is what heals.

Do you get that?

So often we know what God says, we know how He says we are to live. He says to forgive, to renew your thinking, to love your enemies, to seek Him, to know Him, to walk by faith not by sight and to obey. We want more, we want to go to the latest books, our friends, or secular help. Why? The answer to that is dependant on the person. Some think God needs help, some believe what God calls us to do is to hard. Some are unwilling to forgive, to forget, to let go and press on toward healing. Some really don’t want to be healed of their emotional pain. So they will never be fully healed until they run to their Jehovah-rapha where complete healing awaits for them.

God thank you that you are the Great Physician. Thank you for helping me understand that you heal us completely. Thank you for healing our disobedience, broken hearts and our sin. You bind up our wounds, and bring healing to those dark places we’ve tried to hide. Oh my Jehovah-rapha thank you!

(Is 19:22; 57:17-18; 30:26; 53:3; Ps 147:3; Jer 32:27; Acts 10:38)

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  1. "Knowing His word and understanding His character and then being obedient to what He says is what heals." Amen! Thank you so much for this much needed devotion today. I really needed to hear this too.... God bless you dear.

  2. Beautiful post. I love to hear Kay Arthur teach on God healing hurts. I heard her teach on this just this week as I am working through Jeremiah. Thanks for sharing today!

  3. A great read, thanks for posting this.


  4. Such a beautiful post, bless you.

  5. I love the different names of God. Everyone is like a term of endearment that honors how wonderful He is. Thank you Lord for your tender healing touch! :) ~Blessings!


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