Taking a Break – Seeking God

I didn't mean to be "gone" for so long. But sometimes life has a way of surprising us, or maybe I should say that God surprises us.  He surprises us with sickness, joy, trials, encouragement, struggles, grace, or a mirror of ourselves that we now see and must face.

It's important to look at each of these things that life brings as blessings. In each season, in each moment God uses it to grow us, teach us, admonish us and draw us closer to Him and to conform us into the image of His Son.

I am taking a break from my blog. It didn't start out to be a break but I see now that it is needed. It won't be for long...a few more weeks maybe.

I am currently on a "sabbatical" searching the heart of God and asking Him to change the image that He has shown me in the mirror.

I am spending my days over the next month at home, in the Word, praying, writing, searching, seeking My Lord God. I praise God for this time, it wasn't a choice I made on my own, for God orchestrated the events of my life that has allowed me this month of solitude - well at least until about 5pm each day when my love comes home. :-)

I am sure I will have much to write when I return, until then I would ask that you lift me up in prayer as I seek the God of heaven and earth. I am trusting that at the end of this time I will come forth with a greater understanding of God, who He is and the direction He has for my life.


  1. Praying for you, dear sister, and anxiously waiting to know what the Lord reveals.

  2. I am praying too my friend! May our God bless you richly through these quiet moments together! LOVE~and Blessings!

  3. I know God will bless this time. I'll be praying for you.


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