Your Word – My Desire

Your word is tried  (Ps 18:30), upright (Ps 33:4) and true. (Ps 119:160)

By the word You LORD made the heavens, And by the breath of Your mouth all the host. (Ps 33:6)

Your word heals, delivers (Ps 107:20) and is my comfort in affliction. It revives me!! (Ps 119:50)

Your word a light for my path. (Ps 119:105)

Your word is pure and I LOVE it!!  (Ps119:140)

I cry before You and You give me understanding according to Your word. (Ps 119:16)

Oh how I treasure Your word, I don’t want to sin against You.  Establish my footsteps in Your word
so that sin will not have dominion over me. (Ps119:11,133)

Oh Father how my soul does wait for You, for in Your word I have hope. (Ps 130:5)

Oh Father give me greater understanding so that that I might obey Your word. Forgive me when I forget to allow you to speak to me and run off to do my own thing. Show me how to be quiet before you and find total contentment in your presence alone. Teach me through your word how I am to die to my flesh, to my desires, my will and take up my cross and follow You with a pure heart.

Oh Jesus how I long to become more like you! To love as you love, to minister as you minister and to die as you have died so that I might live wholly free of my sinful flesh! Jesus forgive my evil thoughts, my selfish desires and my attitudes that are unpleasing to you. 

Come precious Jesus … come take my hand and lead me according to your purposes.


Leave me some joy...