He will catch you

Did you see that I lost my way and became overwhelmed by my circumstances? I allowed you to see my vulnerability and my weaknesses. I allowed you to see that I can be needy and live as if my world is all about me.

I doubted your love. I wondered how long until you will grow tired of me and my selfish heart.  I grew tired of fighting. I felt alone and fearful. Then came the guilt, shame and lies. Lies of how bad I am, and how badly I failed AGAIN. I believed that I am the only one that ever feels this way. That I am not worthy of being called your daughter.

The truth is I am not the only one who has ever lost their way or become fearful. There are many who are just like me. Many who can be forgetful and take their eyes off you. Many, like me, sometimes forget that you call them Beloved. We so easily begin to look around at our circumstances and become afraid of the storms. We find ourselves in the desert and become fearful that there is no water to quench our thirst. Or enter a land of promise and only see giants.

The truth is, the enemy wants us to become paralyzed by our fears, emotions and the lies we believe so that we become powerless and unable to continue the work that God has for us. The truth is, it’s okay to have a moment when we begin to sink, but we must remember that when we begin to sink to cry out to Jesus, for He alone is our source of strength. He is our courage and He will lift us up.

I am reminded of Peter when Jesus called him out on the water. Peter  saw the wind, was afraid and began to sink. He then cried out, "Lord, save me!" Do you remember what Jesus did? He did not just let Peter sink. He did not say you’ve blown it this time. No Jesus immediately reached out his hand and caught him.  (Matt 14:29-31)

Yes we all can be so much like Peter at times and have little faith, and doubt that Jesus can truly keep us above the water. But Jesus doesn’t forsake you or stop loving you He reaches out His hand and catches us. He holds on to us.

I love what they do once Peter and Jesus get into the boat, they worship Him. That is what we need to do today we need to cry out to Jesus and worship Him.

Did your circumstances overwhelm you today? Did you feel yourself begin to sink? Have you forgotten the truth of who God is and who He says you are in Him?

Cry out to Jesus and allow Him to take hold of you…then Worship Him!

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  1. I think I am way much harder on myself than He is. Then, of course, it's all about me. I love that Peter and the water story. It's all about keeping our eyes on Him. But if we happen look away and start to sink, all we need to do is yell, "HELP." We might take our eyes off Him, but He never takes His eyes off us.


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