Am I Really Following the Christ of the Bible?

Every so often God will bring me to a place where I will ask myself “Am I really following Christ?” It’s not a matter of doubt as much of making sure I am following Him as He desires. It’s a matter of asking God to show me where I have allowed the flesh or worldly thinking to much room in my life and heart. It’s asking God to show me those areas that I still believe lies and then allow Him to speak truth.

While this is something I try to ask God daily, there are times when I just quietly sit before God, go to the scriptures and ask some really tough questions.

Questions like those that need to be asked according to Phil 2:1-18
  • Is my mind one with that of Christ?
  • Am I united in spirit intent on one purpose with the Spirit of God?
  • Am I doing things out of selfishness? Am I humble?
  • Do I look out for the interest of others?
  • Do I do all things without grumbling or disputing?
  • Am I holding fast to truth?
  • Is my life a sacrifice of service, being poured out for others?
Tough questions I know, but we’ve just begun…

When I studied 1 John it becomes even more evident to me that if I am to abide (remain, continually endure) in Christ then I will
  • Walk in the manner that Jesus walked
  • Be strong and overcome the evil one
  • Not be deceived for we will know truth
  • Practice righteousness
  • Not continue to sin (a life style or continual sin)
  • Love those born of God
  • Keep His commandments
  • Have the spirit of God living in me
  • Abide in love
  • Not walk in darkness, but light
  • Keep His word
  • Not love the things of the world
  • Have victory over the world
As I look over this list, which by no means is exhaustive,I must ask myself if these are evident in my life. If they aren’t then am I even a believer?

If I am not striving to walk as Jesus walked, to overcome the evil one, to practice righteousness or keep His commandments then am I really following Him?

The church (universally) so often makes the way so broad that we now have people believing they are saved, because they prayed a prayer and yet there isn’t any evidence of a change in life style? One who follows Christ WILL desire to imitate His life.

This is the question I must ask of myself – "Am I imitating Christ, the Christ of the Bible?"

There is a cost to following Christ. Yes salvation IS free to all, but to take up our cross daily and follow Christ is costly. Many have gone overboard on trying to make the gospel of Jesus so "appealing" that we preach nothing but love and grace. We gorget that part of the gospel is counting the cost of following Jesus.

Do we preach/teach that if you are not obeying God’s commands, if we are pursuing the things of the world, if we continue a lifestyle of sin then we just might want to sit before God and question if we are really following Jesus – the Jesus of the Bible.

I challenge you to sit before God and ask Him to reveal to you those areas that might not be pleasing to Him. Those areas where you are not following after the truth of Christ. Read through Phil 2:1-18 and 1 John to see if your life is an example of Christ.

We have been given the the power of the Spirit of God, who lives in us, so that we might walk as Jesus did, in the Spirit, not the flesh. If I am a true believer I will walk by the Spirit and not the flesh. (see Gal. chap 4)

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