A Sister’s Love

Miranda sat on her bed with her knees pulled tightly to her chest trying to hold all the emotions of the day inside. This was not a day of sadness or tears, but a day to rejoice. And yet there was a huge emotional lump in her throat just waiting to burst.

Looking around the room Miranda remembered the late night talks into the wee hours of the morning. The giggling that often got them into trouble and the tears that were shed together through the years of their childhood. Tears of broken friendships, betrayal, hurt, the loss of their mother. Together they shared tears of laughter and joy as they celebrated birthdays, holidays, prom, graduation and now a wedding.

What would tomorrow bring? How would Miranda sleep in a room so quiet? They had done so many things together, they were inseparable. Who would she bare her soul to? Who would be there when she needed a shoulder to cry on, truth to be spoken or a mothers firm direction? Ruth was more than just her sister, she was her mother and best friend.

Today Ruth would be leaving. Marrying her true love and moving two states away. Watching the preparations of this long awaited day has been exciting and a joyous moment to share together. Miranda wouldn’t trade anything for this day of happiness for her sister. It was such a bittersweet moment.

Miranda sat alone in the silence of her memories, tears pooling just beneath the surface. She willed them to stay where they were, she would not cry, not today. Today was her sister’s day. It was a day to rejoice, to celebrate and thank God above for the memories they have had together.

Miranda stood up, walked to the mirror to freshen her make up. She then went to the closet and pulled out her maid of honor dress that Ruth has picked out especially for her. As she pulled out her dress she noticed a small note with the name Miranda written on it in Ruth’s hand writing.

Miranda opened it and read the note:
My dearest sister, I know the last few weeks have been crazy and we’ve had so little time together. I am so blessed by your presence in my life. It has been so much fun sharing the planning of this day with you. One day soon together we will plan your day and you will leave our home also. But until then it will seem a little quieter and the days ahead will seem lonelier. But my beloved sister you know that you are never alone for our Lord is always with you and you will carry me in your heart just as I will carry you.
We are sisters by birth and sisters by the blood of Christ and you will be engraved on my heart forever. Miranda I love you sweet sister. You are strong and God has amazing things to accomplish through you. I believe in you dear one.
With all my love, Ruth
As Miranda finished reading the letter she heard the door open. She turn around to see Ruth standing there in her wedding dress looking so beautiful. She ran to her and held her tightly as they both began to cry. After a few moments Ruth pulled Miranda back and held her face in her hands and said “I love you and we will talk every day, I promise. But after the honeymoon!” Their tears immediately turned to laughter as they so often did.

Ruth reached up and dried Miranda’s tears, then helped her put on the dress. Just before they left the room they held hands, looked in the mirror and laughed. It was a laugh that was familiar for they knew all the memories and love that in embodied.

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  1. This is a wonderful story. I have a friend whose daughter is getting married tomorrow, and her younger daughter is feeling much like Miranda right now, so this hit close to home today!


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