Compromising Behavior

What will you do to fit in? Would you do whatever it took? Nothing at all? Would you sin? Worship idols?

As a Christian –a follower of Jesus Christ- most of us would say no. If all our neighbors were creating wooden idols to put in our homes we would not run out and create one to worship.

But that is what Judah did. Judah, God’s chosen people became like the nations around her. She didn’t want to be different, she thought “maybe they have something I don’t.” Maybe Judah thought the other nations would like her better if she worshipped the other idols.

Even after God said don’t learn the ways of the nation for the customs of the people are a delusion. They cut idols from wood, they decorate them, nail them down so they don’t fall. They can’t walk and must be carried! They can not speak and the can do no harm or good. (see Jer 10:2-5) Judah still went out and adopted the ways of those around her to the point that she was no longer different from them. Judah became a nation of many idols – a treacherous nation of harlotry. (Jer 3:8-13)

We read this and wonder how could God’s chosen people chase after other gods? How can Judah forsake the One true God. And yet are we any different?

What idols do you worship? The god of self? Wealth and prosperity? The god of _____ ? Are you any different from the world in your ideas, or life styles? What about the movies you watch, place you go or the things you desire to have?

Have you become more like the world than God? Do you pursue the values of the world? Have you compromised your way of thinking to fit in better with the world? Have you compromised your behavior?

How we act is important to God. God requires obedience, there is no compromised. We are to live holy lives set apart for service to God. We are in a covenant relationship with God. We are not be compromise with the world.

James 4:4 says “You adulteresses, do you not know that friendship with the world it hostility toward God? Therefore whoever wishes to be a friend of the world makes himself an enemy of God.”


  1. I remember being a kid and learning about the Israelites; wondering how they could do what they did after seeing what God did for them. As I've gotten older, it's easier for me to understand that it's not just golden calves that are idols and I have to admit that I am guilty of the same thing they were.

  2. This is encouraging to me... as I have felt like such a stranger in this world recently, but that is how I am to feel, this is not my home. I took my boys to the pool today and the usual ladies I converse with were not there and it just struck me how different my family really is... how I long for people to see the value of having a relationship with God in my life and the life of my family, yet so many are so drawn to the things of this world...

    Blessings on you...


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