Chasing Emptiness

I’m writing this entry from the campus of Precept Ministries International in Chattanooga TN. I’ve been here since Saturday morning doing an intense 9 day study of the first 24 chapters of Jeremiah. It’s been incredible so far, an amazing opportunity that I thank God for.

I wake up in the morning and am in my discussion class by 9am where we discuss our homework for about an hour then we watch a DVD of Kay Arthur. At 11:30 we head to the auditorium to be apart of a live taping with David Arthur. David is truly a gifted teacher and it has been amazing listening to him as he brings us God’s truth through the book of Jeremiah.

After lunch at 12:30 I settle in for the next 4 hours or so to do five days of homework. For nine day I do the same schedule over and over. Again, it’s an incredible experience. It’s such a privilege to be able to be here for 9 days to do nothing but study God’s Word.

On Saturday during my study I came across something that really convicted me. Jeremiah 2:6 –7a speaks of what God had given His people. He has brought them out of Egypt, led them through the wilderness to a land that was fruitful and full of good things. But in stead of being thankful, instead of falling down in worship before God for all He had done they (7b) defiled God’s land and His inheritance, they made it an abomination.

Furthermore, the priest didn’t even ask “Where is God in all this?” They didn’t care if God was pleased. The rulers were also apart of defiling the land with their transgressions. And the prophets, God’s prophets? They prophesied through the worship of idols and walked after things that did not profit. (v8)

My heart wept as I read this. I thought of my own life, the life of our churches and our nation. Why do we continue to exchange God’s blessings, His goodness to us, for things that do not profit?

Why do we continually chase after that which does not matter? Why do we walk after emptiness to only become even more empty?(Jer 2:5b)

My dear sisters, what are you chasing after? What do you spend most of your time pursuing? Does it profit you?

God’s people exchanged God’s glory for that which did not profit. What do you exchange your soul for that does not profit and brings nothing but emptiness?

“For My people have committed two evils: They have forsaken Me, the fountain of living waters, to hew for themselves cisterns, Broken cisterns that can hold no water. (Jer 2:13)


  1. I've been the prayer partner of a team preparing to go to Haiti. The stories and pictures I've seen have really convicted me about how we chase after things - and not God.

  2. I just spent a little time catching up on all I've missed. I've been away in the hospital over this passed week and a half. I love the way you share your heart here. My advice, if I can offer any, is in the times that are most difficult...when you feel lonely, depressed, or just slipping into that abyss of nothingness and emptiness, that is when you need to celebrate all that God has equiped you with, all He has brought you through, and how He has used you to further His kingdom. Even if it is just sharing your honest thoughts here of prayer and praise. Celebrate that desire NOW, that He has place within you to chase after Him....FORGET what is behind, it doesn't matter, persue with passion what you are chasing now and LOVE IT! CELEBRATE IT! Give that all your energy! LOVE YOU SWEET SISTER! GOD BLESS!


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