The Woman I Long To Be

God desires women who are obedient. Obedience means that I will do what I am told, when I am told to do it and with the right attitude.

I long to be a woman that is obedient.

God desires women who understands what it mean to die to self. Women who give up their own will, desires, hopes and dreams for that which God calls her to do, regardless of the cost.

I long to be a woman that dies to herself.

When Jesus walked the earth He showed compassion to the hurting and dying. Mark 1:41 says “Filled with compassion, Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man.”

I long to be a woman of compassion.

Gods desires that my speech be words of encouragement. That I would spur my sisters on in love and good deeds. My words should be filled with love and grace.

I long to be a woman that speaks with love and grace.

God desires a woman that seeks Him with all her heart, soul and mind. He wants a woman the loves Him, and serves Him with all her heart and soul.

I long to be a woman that loves and serves God with her whole life.

Jesus came to this earth to die so that I might live. He came to be a servant to all who would follow Him.

I long to be a woman who serves.

Jesus came to do the will of His Father.

I long to be a woman who does the will of my Father. I long to be a woman who loves, serves, dies and lives like Jesus.


  1. At first glance this list seems overwhelming. I would love to be just a few of those! But then I was reminded of Who is able to mold me and through Him it is possible!

  2. Striving and abiding with Him daily!

  3. This one of those that I tape inside my cabinet door. Thank you, Kae

  4. Amen..... you've summed it up beautifully. My heart's desire, too. I feel I am so far from where He wants me to be. Our ladies Bible study just finished the book of James. Wow.... very convicting.


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