To See Your Face

As for me, I shall behold Your face in righteousness ; I will be satisfied with Your likeness when I awake. Psalms 17:15 NAS

I find this verse very interesting because if we go back to verse 1 we see that David pleas to God for justice. He reminds God that He has examined David’s heart. God knows that David is innocent, that he has followed God’s commands. David has stayed on the path and not wavered. David prays for God to protect him from wicked people who are attacking him. David is in a terrible situation, being tracked down by his enemies who are “like hungry lions, eager to tear [him] apart.” Again David pleads to God to save him.

And then he does the most amazing thing…

In essence he says in verse 15, I trust you God and because I have done what is right I will see you. If I fall asleep this very day I will awake in your presence and see you face to face. And because of that I am satisfied. David was satisfied in his present circumstances because he knew that one day, when he finally would awaken in the presence of God and see His face everything would be just fine.

Jeremiah Burroughs says “I can not behold the face of the king without danger to me; there are a great many that run to kill me, and they desire his face; but though I cannot see his face, yet, Lord, I shall behold thy face; I will behold thy face, and it shall be in righteousness; I will still keep on in the ways of righteousness, and when I awake -- for I believe that these troubles will not hold long -- I shall not sleep in perpetual sleep, but I shall awake and be delivered, and then I shall be satisfied with thy likeness: there shall be the manifestation of thy glory to me, that shall satisfy me for all the trouble that I have endured for thy name's sake, that my soul shall say, I have enough.

Oh Father in heaven help me to remember that the trouble that come at me in this world will not hold me for long. There will come a day when I shall see you face to face and be delivered from my trouble. Until then help me to be satisfied in knowing that I will one day soon see you face to face – and that will be enough.

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